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Strategic Business Intensive
By ordering this Strategic Business Intensive, we will discuss your business in detail to gain greater clarity and plan your next steps. You get to choose if you want to meet over one or two Zoom sessions.
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Laurie Cromie, Health Coach
"If you’re like me, and the thought of actually going through with charging for your online services paralyzes you, then you NEED Stephanie! Not only does she know how to eliminate those limiting beliefs, but she also will help you sell yourself and get what it is you’re really worth! 

She is my rock when it comes to my business; she has helped me overcome the toughest mental hurdles. We all need a coach to help us get out of our own way, and Stephanie is the ultimate integrator, guiding you into changing the entire trajectory of your business. 

When you hire Stephanie, mark that date down…because that was the turning point that is going to change your life."
"I am an avid reader and learner, always looking for an edge to get to the next level. I had never considered hiring a coach before… thinking I didn’t “need” one. After about 4 sessions with Stephanie, I understood this was a false belief and wished that I would have hired her 10 years ago!

Stephanie has an incredibly effective way of pushing you and keeping you accountable, while encouraging you and providing the support you need at that moment. Looking back on the last 12 weeks, it’s remarkable how much I have grown as a CEO, and now possess a new toolset to lead my businesses. I cannot recommend Stephanie enough if you are serious about changing your business and furthering your skills as a leader."
Jonathan e, ceo
Ashley Nihart, Blogger
"Stephanie has been invaluable in helping me build my Pinterest account. She took one quick look and gave me quick and easy steps to help boost my pins and get more people to my website.  

I’ve experienced a lot of growth over the past couple of weeks and a majority of that is contributed to Stephanie’s coaching. Not only does she know her stuff but she’s also super friendly and easy to work with."
"In a nutshell Stephanie is amazing! I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie recently and she was so kind and really knew her stuff! 

I was in the process of launching my blog and her tips and insights have made a world of difference! She is forever my blog queen go-to!"
Ruth O'Neill, Brand Strategist
Tiffany Molaskey, Marketing Manager
"Thank you so much for all your help and getting me on the right path to start really marketing. I owe you a lot for taking time to help me."
"Thank you! You helped me get there yesterday. Our conversation really got some ideas flowing... Thank you so much for your encouragement, support, and honesty. I truly value you!"
Asa Guhl Suriano, Blogger
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